The End

The End

July 29

Beginnings —  (est. August 2012) is a series of buildings, materials, exhibitions & events presenting contemporary art in a welcoming environment.

The End is the last night at 110 Meserole Ave, our lovely Greenpoint home for the past year. It's been a great and satisfying run—so we’ve decided to stop. New mental, spiritual and geographic priorities have arisen—the gallery evaporates in waves of heat. Time does a cycle. Time does a flip.

Let's be honest, doing a one-year gallery was never the plan, because there was never a plan. We love and respect longer lasting institutions, but time is tricky and time is weird. Letting go of this location feels right for us, right now. We’ll keep Beginnings — as a thing, continue to produce the video series and probably think up some other projects. It’s impossible to stop. How could you ever stop something called Beginnings —?

The End is a big group show, a nice room of images and forms. Please join us in our small storefront gallery on a hot, humid, sweaty, New York summer evening. As it was in the end, so it shall be in the beginning, or whatever.

Thanks — love & peace.

* * * * *

Featuring Anni Altshuler, Brian Belott, Todd Bogin, Eric Timothy Carlson, Madeline Donahue, Stephen Eichhorn, Liana Elguero, Austin English, Dave Franzese, Matthew Giordano, Joe Grillo, Steven Harrington, Jungil Hong, Cody Hudson, Caroline Hwang, Hidenori Ishii, Jordin Isip, Meredith Jenks, Wes Johnson, Jordan Kasey, Misaki Kawai, Justin Krietemeyer, Hiro Kurata, Charlotte Larson, Matt Leines, Leif Low-beer, Ryan James MacFarland, Stefan Marx, Taylor McKimens, Benny Merris, Mark Richard Miller, Otto Milo, Mississippi, Garrett Morin, Gabrielle Muller, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Jonathan O'Brien, Ryan Patterson, Jason Polan, Race Car, Travis Robertson, Matt Rubin, Erika Somogyi, Lanya Snyder, James Ulmer, Ben K. Voss, Leigh Wells, and Matt Wells.

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