The Beginning

The Beginning
Sept 27 — Oct 14

Press Release

The Beginning is the first group show, a gorgeous catalog of nearly thirty artists, travelling the underground and overground international ley lines with stops in Californian bio-geometry, Berliner clear-imagination, Providential neo-psych, op-sculpture Japonisme, the zen meshes of Chicago, Brooklynite paint concrète, rigorous Anglican graphism and many more wild and wonderful points along the way. Paintings, drawings, photographs, marks on paper and cloth and other objects, shapes, colors, lines, 2-D and 3-D things to look at—no unifying theme or concept—but strangely coherent as a sampler of the seven curators’ brains.

What’s art for anymore? How can contemporary art be bought and sold in a healthy, progressive way? How can new artists support/be supported in their community? In the 21st century, what are the most satisfying and effective roles of the gallery? The gallerist? The gallery-goers?

We got no idea, but we’re happy to present this art and these artists:

Mari Andrews, Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi, Heather Culp, Stephen Eichhorn, Amze Emmons, Matt Furie, David Giordano, Matthew Giordano, David Jien, Daehyun Kim, James Kirkpatrick, Chris Kline, Aidan Koch, Oliver Kossack, Matt Leines, saac Lin, Matt Lock, Simon Massey di Vallazza, Otto Milo, Mumbreeze, Peter Nencini, Daniel Owen, Nick Payne, Jenni Rope, Andreas Schimanski, Eric Shaw, Lanya Snyder, Marta Stockwell, & James Ulmer.

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