"Some Things" by Helmut Smits

"Some Things" by Helmut Smits
Mar 14 — April 7

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“I believe that every situation, thought or object carries a good work of art in itself. I search for this artwork by going back to the basis and to observe from that point an inner contradiction and to find a simple solution for this contradiction. Subsequently, I use the medium most suitable for that concept.”
— Helmut Smits

Beginnings — is glad to show the first solo presentation in the United States by the Dutch artist, Helmut Smits. Since 1999, Mr. Smits has produced an astonishing amount of work in a variety of mediums, all of which encourage you to take new perspectives on things you already know. He brings simple ideas to life by putting them in front of you as straightforward as possible. His ideas are clever, but never alienating. They’re attainable, and almost taunt you to make your own. He celebrates seemingly quick observations of objects, situations and environments, and then gives them back to you, as if they were gifts.

"Some Things" is a retrospective of 20 works made between 2005 and the present. The three final works were made specifically for this presentation and required a collaborative effort of others to realize them, indicating the artist's impulsive need to bring his concepts to life.

About the Artist


Helmut Smits lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He studied at the s-Hertogenbosch Academy for Visual Arts, as well as the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Group exhibitions range from Division of Labour Gallery in London and the Montréal Biennale. Commissions range from DroogLab to Dutch Ministry of Finance. Grants and Awards range from Absolut Talent Award (2009) to Longlist Prix de Rome (2009).

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