"Secondment" by Peter Nencini

Peter Nencini
Feb 21 — Mar 10

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“Common colours. Rooted essentially in secondary greens, oranges and purples – but pulled towards readymade mints, yolks and heliotropes conditioned by retail ubiquity, rather than the mixing of fine pigment.”
— Peter Nencini, 2013

Beginnings — is glad to present a solo show by the English designer, professor and artist, Peter Nencini. His body of graphic work imparts an easy understanding and synthesis of the bright moments in visual history, from Bauhaus posters to ancient Asian fabric patterns. Every project he undertakes is intentional; his natural gift for form and perception has been honed through thoughtful practice, and the show he has designed for the gallery is no exception. “Each work has been initiated as a backing, a support—of dyed canvas, plywood—to hold sourced, prepared fixings, ingredients and treatments.” Nencini discourses in that philosophical spirit that is both indirect and inspirational. Articulating the joy of seeing. Secondment reveals a world of never-before-seen colors and structures that we have always known, a class of brand new shapes that we have always seen, and that rare thing—a unique idea—that has passed through our mind time and time again. We stand behind it.

About the Artist


Peter Nencini lives and works in London. He studied at the Royal College of Art. His work is rooted in a vocabulary of use, muffled into abstraction – this, applied to wall works, furniture, books, boxes, typography and ceramic. He writes, lectures and blogs on making, looking and thinking. Exhibitions and commissions include the BBC, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Eastside Projects (Birmingham), the New York Times, Partners & Spade, Théâtre Nationale de Toulouse, Charleroi Danses.

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