Leigh Wells

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Employing intricate references to cultural history, science, religion, and other social phenomena, Wells engages in a dialogue with the un-knowable. These works—which hinge on scaling, cutting, and sculptural placement of disparate elements—emphasize the boundaries of what is knowable and definable, pointing out the mysterious and multi-perspectival nature of truth, reality and fiction.

In her works, the concept of self-knowledge is obfuscated by the evident schism between the mind and body. Viewers are challenged to consider the differences between flesh and stone, imprisonment and freedom, and the sometimes uncomfortable proximity of mystery to the circumscribed space of human relationships and identity.

Leigh Wells holds a BFA from the University of San Francisco, with further study at the San Francisco Art Institute, Crown Point Press, and Parsons/New School in New York. Exhibitions include recent solo shows at Gregory Lind Gallery and Ampersand International Arts in San Francisco and group shows at ZieherSmith Gallery, NY; and Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco.